Protect Your Pup & Get Rid of Cane Toads

Protect Your Pup & Get Rid of Cane Toads

Posted by Powerhouse Dog Supply on May 24th 2023

Annoyed & tired of Cane Toads??? SO ARE WE. 

As pet owners, it's our responsibility to keep our furry friends safe from potential dangers. In certain regions, one such danger is the presence of cane toads, which can pose a significant risk to our beloved dogs. But worry not, because PupDefense Cane Toad Repellant is here to help! In this blog post, we'll discuss the importance of protecting your pup from cane toads and provide step-by-step directions on how to use PupDefense effectively.

Why Protecting Your Pup from Cane Toads is Crucial:

Cane toads, also known as bufo toads, secrete a toxic substance that can be harmful or even fatal to dogs if ingested or through skin contact. Unfortunately, curious dogs may be attracted to these toads, putting themselves at risk. That's why using PupDefense Cane Toad Repellant is essential—it acts as a powerful deterrent, keeping these harmful creatures away from your pet.

Some of the symptoms may include: vomiting and diarrhea are common. Signs typically progress rapidly to include stumbling, tremors, seizures, abnormal eye movements, difficulty breathing, increased or decreased heart rate and abnormal heart rhythms. Without rapid treatment, death may occur.

Step-by-Step Directions to Use PupDefense Cane Toad Repellant:

Step 1: Read the Instructions and Safety Precautions

Before applying any product to your pet, it's important to thoroughly read and understand the instructions provided by PupDefense. This will ensure that you use the repellant correctly and avoid any potential adverse reactions.

Step 2: Choose an Appropriate Application Method

PupDefense Cane Toad Repellant is available in 2 sizes, 1 Gallon or 5 Gallon. Select the option that is most convenient for you and your yard size. You can spread this repellent by hand or with a yard spreader such as Scotts.

Step 3: Apply PupDefense Cane Toad Repellant

Spread the Granules around the perimeter of your house, fence, and yard. Especially in rock beds or garden beds where the Cane Toads like to sit or hide due to the cooler climate. If you live on a canal or lake side, try to spread it a little further away so when the water level rises it doesn’t wash it away. The granules will no dissipate from the water, but it could wash away your perimeter of Repellant.

Step 4: Follow the Recommended Application Frequency

Check the product label for instructions on how frequently to reapply PupDefense. Factors such as weather conditions, outdoor activities, and your dog's size may influence the duration of effectiveness. Make sure to adhere to the recommended application schedule to maintain maximum protection.

Protecting your pup from cane toads is a crucial part of responsible pet ownership. With PupDefense Cane Toad Repellant, you can create a safe environment for your dog and minimize the risk of encounters with these harmful amphibians. Remember to follow the directions provided by the manufacturer and stay vigilant while exploring outdoor areas where cane toads may be present.

Keep your furry friend safe and enjoy peace of mind knowing that you have taken the necessary steps to protect them from potential dangers. Invest in PupDefense Cane Toad Repellant and prioritize your pup's well-being today! Get your supply of Cane Toad Repellant right here at Powerhouse Dog Supply