Multipet "Bite Me" Flea 12"

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The Multipet Flea 12"

It’s hard to imagine pesky fleas as cute, right? While most customers hate when their dogs have fleas, this is a flea they’ll be glad their dog has. Made of a super soft plush material and equipped with a built in squeaker, this toy  is a great canine companion. Flea collar and word “flea” available in assorted colors.


Usually you want to keep fleas away from your dog; in this case, however, we invite them! Multipet makes pesky fleas cute with plush and squeaky Flea Toys! Each toy features the word “Flea” on the front and “Bite Me” on the back, as well as a flea collar in a matching color. Colors include red, orange, pink, green, blue, and purple.