Nature's Farmacy Dogzymes Complete

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DOGZYMES Complete contains the following powerhouse ingredients for joint support: Glucosamine, Chondroitin, MSM, Yucca and Hyaluronic Acid. DOGZYMES Complete also contains our special herbal blend formulated to support the soft tissue associated with the joints - tendons and ligaments. DOGZYMES Complete is rounded out with probiotics and enzymes for a total of 6 Billion CFU/gram. Traditionally thought of as just an aid in digesting food, more and more research is coming forth on all of the benefits of having probiotics and enzymes in the diet, everything from balancing body pH, to detoxing the kidneys, controlling yeast and even working with the body to help boost the immune system. All of Nature’s Farmacy products, DOGZYMES Complete is sourced with as many organic components as possible. There is no equal to this product! Suggested Usageis 1 teaspoon of product for every 25 pounds of body weight daily, preferably divided between meals *Currently we only have the 2lb containers.